Journeyman is here to preserve the good old days; when weed was weed, couches were soft, and snacks were plentiful.
Keep it simple, keep it tasty, keep it away from kids
 and keep on truckin’ because... 


Available in a new soft cookie recipe!


Here we have three tasty cookies made with infused butter for the strongest hit. Dip them in a glass of milk, warm them up in the oven, crumble them up on your ice cream, make a fancy pie crust with them. Do what you will! They’re yummy cookies and you know what to do with them. 


Fruity, sugar-dusted and ready to rumble


Made with fresh fruit puree for great taste and a THC punch! With three exciting flavors in a single package, they’re light, easy to gobble, and bursting with flavor. Available in a 10mg THC, 30mg THC with 3mg CBD and 10mg THC with 10mg CBD dosing.



Three fruity flavors in each bag of Weed… Tarts


Fruity bits!
Mouth-watering tartness with a sweet fruity kick in each round bite. Get your recommended daily serving of fruit and weed right here. It’s a matter of health. You know what they say; a green apple (or lemon or cherry) Weed Tart a day keeps the doctor away.**


**You know we’re joking, right? This isn’t health food.

Salty, sweet, creamy and crunchy... milk chocolate packed chunks with potato chips!?!  YES!

We wanted every good munchie flavor in one bite, and we wanted it loaded with flower power. Milk chocolate, crushed up potato chips and ganja join forces for one freakin’ tasty chunk of woah. With more Journeyman chocolates are on the way, stick around to see what’s next!