Q: Where do I get these puppies?

A: Journeyman products are available in over 200 cannabis retailers across Washington state.


Q: Who is the Journeyman?

A: Life is the journey, man.


Q: How much should I try for my first time?

A: Every journey should be enjoyable, so if you have never had an infused edible before, start with 5mg, or half of a Journeyman edible. If you aren’t into breaking things before eating them, try another lower potency product for your first time like Spot Chocolate or Mr. Moxey’s Mints. Once you’re comfortable with 5mg, try the whole 10mg and go from there, man.


Q: How long will the journey last?

A: That depends on you, amigo. If you’ve eaten a Journeyman edible on an empty stomach, you can expect it to hit between 30 minutes to an hour later and last for two to three hours total. If you’re having it as dessert after an all-you-can-eat buffet expect it to be muted by all the other chow your system has to deal with. Regardless, always prepare yourself for the biggest journey you might have so you’re always safe and comfy.


Q: Who makes this stuff?

A: A bunch of friendly, mellow humans that work in a big kitchen in Seattle to a nonstop soundtrack of eclectic music. Pizza is served at least once a month.


Q: What weed is in Journeyman?

A: Journeyman is made with i-502 compliant pot that is grown by several groovy farms scattered all over Washington State. The weed that makes it in Journeyman needs to be grown without chemical pesticides and gnarly environment practices. Farms are visited a few times a year to make sure the plants are on the best journey, man.